Why cook for yourself at Uni?

Life at University can be hectic at the best of times. So you might be wondering why it’s worth cooking for yourself, when you have plenty of other things to keep you busy.

If you’re off to Uni for the first time, you may not have much choice in your first year. Some Universities offer a huge choice of catered accommodation in the first year – so much so that there are hardly any self-catering places to stay. This isn’t such a bad thing for your first year if that’s the case. Mealtimes can be a great opportunity to get to know people, particularly over the first few weeks.

You may have already decided you would like to go self-catered from the start. Or perhaps you’re about to you into your second year and moving out to a house? The first thing to say, is if you are feeling daunted, please don’t. Cooking for yourself means that you can be much more flexible with your time. You don’t need to stick to rigid mealtimes, which can be helpful if you have a very packed timetable, or work part-time. You can have exactly what you want to eat, too, rather than be limited to a small number of dishes. This is great if you have strong likes and dislikes. If you’re careful, you can definitely save money self-catering as opposed to eating in halls. One thing’s for sure – cooking your own meals is the best way of staying healthy whilst you’re away from home.
Cooking your own meals is also so much cheaper than takeaways – the idea might appeal, but they are ruinously expensive, particularly when enjoyed on a regular basis, and won’t make you feel that great.

Nutritious home cooked food and trying not to drink too much are sure-fire ways to avoid succumbing to fresher’s flu and alike.

If you’re no kitchen whizz, don’t worry. The Hungry Student Cookbooks have all you need to start from the beginning. Think of it as a great opportunity to brush up your skills. You’ll be able to cook for your friends in no time, which means you can have lots of fun, cooking parties, house meals, birthday cakes and more! What’s not to love about that?!


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