Top tips for saving money on your food bills

Sticking to a budget whilst at Uni is really important for so many reasons.

Here are my top tips for saving money on your food bills:

1) Plan what you are going to eat and stick to it. You don’t have to plan every meal of the week
2) Don’t throw any food away. It’s amazing what you can rustle up by being a little creative, even when you think the cupboard is bare.
3) Eat less meat. It can be very, very expensive. Try some more veggie meals, or fish, such as mackerel and tinned tuna
4) Drink less – not just alcohol. Cut back on coffees, cokes, juices and smoothies, which will save you more than you think every week. Switch to water – it’s free and better for you, too.
5) Take a packed lunch with you. You will save serious amounts of cash very quickly. There are some fantastic ideas for lunches in The Hungry Student Cookbooks.
6) Batch cook. If you make something like a curry or a bolognaise, make a big batch and freeze in individual portions. You’ll have plenty of meals to hand, which can save you dialling for a takeaway when short of time, and means you only have to cook once.
7) Get to know how much things cost, so you know when to buy and when not to buy
8) Get to know your local shops. Suss out local independents and larger shops which offer the products you want to buy at the best prices
9) Shop online. This can save loads of money. If you shop for groceries online, why not team up with friends and share the costs of your delivery?
10) Cook more and buy less food out. Be it dinners out, lunches on the go and takeaways. It’ll save you more money than you imagine!