Top tips for keeping your food fresh

Keeping your food fresh at Uni is a great way to waste less food and save money.

Here are some top tips for you:

1) Wrap and seal your food. Wrap it in foil, put a clip around the packaging, put packets into a plastic box. Whatever you decide to do, make sure all food is wrapped up and made airtight.
2) The most common foods students find perish are cheese and biscuits. Make sure both are stored in airtight packaging.
3) Don’t put tins into the fridge. If you have half the contents of the tin to store, decant it into a plastic box, as it will react with the can in the fridge
4) Make sure any food you freeze is well-wrapped to avoid freezer burn. Make sure you eat it up within 1-3 months.
5) Keep tabs on the fresh food you have in – make sure you don’t over-buy and make sure you eat up everything you have in before it perishes.