The little things

It’s the little things that really make a difference when you head off to Uni. They help you to be feel more at home, save you time and make life a little easier. Everyone has their own list of things they can’t live without.

Here is a list of my top things to remember to take to Uni:

1) Earplugs
2) Extension leads
3) Good bed sheets, plus a spare set for laundry days
4) A cafetière/filter/coffee machine to make good coffee at home. Not forgetting a kettle.
5) Some favourite mugs, candles and photos to remind you of home
6) Some nice stationery and a diary. Plus a couple of folders.
7) Arrange insurance. Especially if you have a nice shiny new computer…
8) Take supplies of toiletries and laundry detergents with you from home. It saves shopping during term time.
9) A printer is very useful
10) Music

And here are some things to leave behind:

1) Your school notes
2) Don’t bother to buy all the books in advance – you might not need them all depending on the modules you take. You can buy them as you go along and save a serious amount of cash
3) Valuables – don’t take too many, and be careful of your possessions in the coming weeks
4) Don’t take the entire contents of your bedroom with you. You will accumulate loads over the next few weeks. You want just enough to feel at home.

Feel free to share your essentials!