Meet the Author

Charlotte Pike From a young age, I have loved to cook and when I went off to University, I knew I’d have to get creative if I still wanted to eat good food on my meagre budget. Despite being strapped for cash, I wanted to eat delicious and interesting home-cooked food, so I set about trying to discover tasty and easy to prepare meals that wouldn’t break the bank. From the first term, I built up a large repertoire of dishes I could prepare for any occasion, and enjoyed sharing the results with friends.
Many of the recipes in the Hungry Student Cookbooks were favourites of mine, and ones that my friends loved too. Although I am no longer a student, I still regularly enjoy these recipes, and get rave reviews for anyone I make them for.

I hope you enjoy these books and love the recipes as much as I do. Not only are they full of great ideas to make on a tight budget, they also offer many fantastic recipes that are great to know for life.