Getting ready for Uni

Now that exams are over and the summer holidays have well and truly kicked in, it’s a really good time to start to get yourself ready for Uni.

If you’re leaving home for the first time, you’ll need to stock up on kitchen kit. I always recommend buying the best quality equipment you can as better quality equipment will last well and do the job efficiently. If your budget won’t stretch that far, supermarkets and department store sales offer a really great selection of kit about as cheaply as you’ll get.

There are full lists of essential kit in The Hungry Student Cookbooks, and here are my top 10 picks:

1) A good, sharp knife. One good one is better than three useless ones
2) A grater. Microplane are fab. Great for cheese, zesting, ginger, chocolate and much more
3) Wooden spoons. Super cheap, super useful and non-scratch.
4) An oven glove. Easy to forget to get but so important
5) A tin opener
6) A bottle opener
7) A corkscrew
8) A non-stick baking tray
9) One large and one small saucepan
10) A metal sieve (can be used as a colander, too)