Come and cook with me

Charlotte Pike

It’s one thing learning to cook from a cookery book, but there’s nothing quite like being shown how to do things properly and having a go yourself.

Starting on 4th Febuary 2015, I’ll be offering a range of Hungry Student Cookbook classes at the Harborne Food School in Birmingham. From full six-week courses to relaxed evenings of cooking, come and join me to sharpen your skills and make some really delicious food.

Classes are ideal for both beginners and more experienced cooks learning to expand their repertoire and make a fantastic gift for anyone heading off to University or College (gift packages are available), or for anyone who’s already a student and is looking to learn more. I’ll be on hand to sign your copies of the Hungry Student Cookbook series, which will be sold at the school.

For more information, please see the Harborne Food School website.