The little things

It’s the little things that really make a difference when you head off to Uni. They help you to be feel more at home, save you time and make life a little easier. Everyone has their own list of things they can’t live without. Here is a list of my top things to remember to […]

Cooking at Uni

If you’ve never really cooked before you head off to Uni, now is a great time to get practising. Perhaps you love your Mum’s family recipe for bolognaise or fancy learning something new. Either way, now is a great time to practise before you head off. Why not try a couple of recipes now and […]

Why cook for yourself at Uni?

Life at University can be hectic at the best of times. So you might be wondering why it’s worth cooking for yourself, when you have plenty of other things to keep you busy. If you’re off to Uni for the first time, you may not have much choice in your first year. Some Universities offer […]

Results week

As results day draws closer, you might be feeling cool, calm and collected that you’ve done everything possible to get your grades. If like me, however, you might not be feeling so relaxed, so it might be a good opportunity to distract yourself with a bit of preparation for Uni. Here are some of my […]