Top tips for keeping your food fresh

Keeping your food fresh at Uni is a great way to waste less food and save money. Here are some top tips for you: 1) Wrap and seal your food. Wrap it in foil, put a clip around the packaging, put packets into a plastic box. Whatever you decide to do, make sure all food […]

Top tips for saving money on your food bills

Sticking to a budget whilst at Uni is really important for so many reasons. Here are my top tips for saving money on your food bills: 1) Plan what you are going to eat and stick to it. You don’t have to plan every meal of the week 2) Don’t throw any food away. It’s […]

Tips for working with pastry

Quite a number of the recipes in The Hungry Student Cookbooks use pastry. If you’ve never used pastry before, do not be intimidated. Here are my top tips for working with pastry. First, if the recipe calls for puff pastry, then simply, just buy it. It’s not expensive and is so much easier than making […]

Preparing for Fresher’s week

It’s nearly time to head off to Uni. You’re in for a brilliant time, that’s for sure. Before you go, here are some top tips to help you make the most of it. Look after yourself. Try and get some sleep and eat well. The next few weeks are likely to be really full on. […]