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Charlotte PikeYou’ll find plenty of information here on the Hungry Student Cookbooks, as well as tips and recipes. Find out more about the Author, Charlotte Pike and pick up a signed copy whilst you’re here, too.

The Hungry Student Cookbooks are all about cooking great food on a budget. The recipes are easy to follow, assuming no prior knowledge, and they will guide you through your time at University and beyond, right from the start, even if you have never cooked before.

If you are a little more experienced in the kitchen and want some ideas for great food that you can realistically make on a budget, then the Hungry Student Cookbooks can help too. From simple suppers to delicious cakes and bakes and cooking for friends, you won’t be short of inspiration!

Written by Charlotte Pike, who spent four years at University living off a meagre budget, the Hungry Student Cookbooks offer essential tips and advice based on real life, recent experience in a student kitchen.